Here's what people who have worked with Kathleen are saying about her:

Creates Welcoming and Inclusive Environments

"Since 2011, Kathleen has been a crucial piece in building and sustaining our team of peer mentors…and training the professional staff team to serve as lead facilitators of week-long peer mentor trainings. I could not see the program where it is today without the guidance and support of Kathleen as both a facilitator and trainer. For our peer mentor team as a facilitator, Kathleen creates such a welcoming and inclusive environment that makes them feel empowered as student leaders. For myself as a trainer, Kathleen's understanding, patience, support, and mentorship has been essential to my growth not only as a facilitator, but as a supervisor and overall human being. She has taught me to be a better listener and speaker, have self-confidence, be inclusive and equitable, and most importantly, be my true self."

- Annette Puyolt, California State University Channel Islands

Models Authentic Leadership

"Kathleen’s incredibly adaptive, compassionate, and inclusive style engages folks from wherever they are and with whatever they are bringing into the room. Her ability to model authentic, self-aware, accountable leadership encourages all of us as participants to meet her vulnerability with our own. She uses humor and honesty to discuss tough issues that other facilitators might be afraid to open. I trust her as a facilitator and guide implicitly.

Whether she is leading a strategic planning session, facilitating conversation about the differences between "helping, fixing, and serving," or modeling accountable engagement of power, privilege, and oppression dynamics I always leave having grown and feeling much more capable and effective in my ability to complete my job and be a better, more whole person."
- Bethtina Woodridge, Year Up

Develops Trainings with Impact

"As a result of our work with Kathleen, we have a brand new Peer Mentor leadership curriculum and a model program that is already starting to impact the university as a whole. Our student leaders not only believe in social justice but learned to practice social justice as well. The work we accomplished with Kathleen is already creating buzz beyond our department and has the potential to expand to our community partners in the region.

Working with Kathleen is always such a pleasure. She not only inspires me to continue to grow as a leader, she also holds me accountable to my goals in a loving, compassionate way that makes me feel confident in my own development. She helped guide our team through exciting, daunting, and challenging discussions and we came through as stronger, more compassionate agents of change, and simply put, better people."

- Michelle Pajka Hasendonckx, California State University Channel Islands

Is Grounded in Values of Justice and Models Respect and Integrity

"Kathleen models an intuitive collaborative approach and is always responsive to the changing needs of groups. I have always found Kathleen to be grounded in values of justice and models the principles of respect and integrity in all aspects of her consulting work. She has effectively facilitated individuals, groups and organizations in deepening their understanding and taking action regarding issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a fellow practitioner, I have learned much from Kathleen's ability to model both being a teacher and student in her role as a facilitator/trainer. She is able to balance her vast experience/expertise with real honesty/humility."

- Dave Nakashima, Consultant

Lets the Group's Wisdom Emerge which Builds Ownership

"Kathleen takes the philosophy of the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods to heart and creates an environment where everyone feels welcome to contribute to the meeting¹s successful outcome. With her formidable expertise in the social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion field, she is able to work with a very broad and diverse set of groups.

Her positive and affirming style makes it a pleasure to work with her. Her approach lets the group¹s collective wisdom emerge, which gives everyone a sense of ownership, and it helps develop people¹s leadership skills, with benefits that extend way past the events she facilitates."

- Bert Debusschere, Consultant

Is a Validating Coach

"I cannot express enough, how grateful I am to have Kathleen as my coach. Each session she validates my feelings and meets me where I'm at in my identity and white conditioning unraveling process. She helps me navigate experiences, feelings, and topics that come up, through providing me with a space to talk, and offering me tools and resources to recognize and grow from my experiences."

- Troy Tournat, Coaching Client

Asks the Best Questions

"Kathleen’s ability to ask the best questions and get us to think about what we are doing and how we are doing it is amazing – really a gift as it seems to come so quickly and naturally from her. For example, she has successfully pushed us to consensus when we want to take shortcuts."

- Lori Vogelgesang, UCLA