The Approach

The core elements of my approach to working with individuals, groups and organizations include:

  • Asking meaningful, thought-provoking questions

  • Listening deeply to you and your organization’s strengths, concerns, needs, hopes and fears

  • Striving to be aware of own viewpoint, what informs and limits it, and supporting you and your organization in doing the same

  • Custom designing workshops, meetings, and retreats that help your organization achieve its desired outcomes

  • Utilizing processes that are highly participatory, experiential, engaging and that allow us to have fun doing serious work

  • Building equitable, inclusive and collaborative relationships

My approach weaves together many formal and informal learning opportunities I have engaged in including:The Technology of Participation, Community at Work, Interaction Institute for Social Change, The UNtraining, Luna Jiménez Seminars, the doctoral program in student affairs at the University of Maryland, and the teachings of many friends, mentors and colleagues who have helped build my awareness, skills, understanding and capacity as an educator, facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant.